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Venture India

We offer Short-term trips*, Medical trips*, Christmas trips*, and internships.


*Trip costs includes: airfare (from select airports within the U.S.), food, lodging, transportation within India, limited sightseeing, and supplies. Dates are approximate and may vary slightly depending on airfare cost.


Customizable trips are available for groups of 5 or more.


For more information contact Tracy Payton at tpayton@rahabsrope.com




We invite you to join us in empowering and equipping at-risk women and children with skill-sets and education. You will participate in all 3 of our ministry locations in Goa. Your focus will depend on your skill sets and gifting. You may help with mentoring and product development at our Women’s Development Center. Provide encouragement and devotions to women. Have fun tutoring children in our afterschool program and follow-up with Bible stories and games. Teach life skills in our teenage girls life skills class. Teach Sunday school and more. You will also have a chance to shop and sight see.  Come join us and help end the cycle of trafficking before it begins with our prevention programs.

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Goa – Prevention


Goa May 19th - June 2nd - $3375

Goa June 2nd- June 16th -$3375

Goa/Mumbai Split Trip September 29 - October 13- $3500


Come serve with us in Bangalore! You will have an opportunity to serve in some of the following ministry areas. Help survivors of human trafficking find hope and healing. You will be able to show God’s love in practical ways as you help lead Bible studies, life skills, group activities and vocational classes. Encourage and teach life skills to minor girls rescued from trafficking. Teach after school classes, Sunday school and awareness programs in slum communities. You will encourage and join our staff in helping women and children learn their identity is in Christ alone. You will also have an opportunity to shop and sight see. Come join us in Bangalore as we move these courageous survivors forward in hope and healing.


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Bangalore/ Mumbai Split Trip July 21st - August 4th- $3500



On this trip, you will travel with us to our center in the heart of the Red-Light District. Come help us on the front lines as we work with those trapped in sexual slavery by empowering women and children through our literacy classes, vocational training and sharing the love of Christ. Many children are born and raised in the Red-Light District and as we develop relationships with the women, they trust us to place their children in safe and loving homes. Through love, friendship and equipping, many women transition into safe houses and new careers. You will also enjoy shopping and taking a tour of Mumbai's historical sites. Come join us on a trip to Mumbai!


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Bangalore/ Mumbai Split Trip July 21st - August 4th- $3500

Goa/Mumbai Split Trip September 29 - October 13- $3500


Come and share the love of Christ on a journey from India’s capital city to the majestic Himalayan Mountains. This trip is for the adventurous pioneer who is looking to advance God’s kingdom in a rugged frontier.  Your team will travel to Manipur where you may help addicts and alcoholics detox and rehabilitate. The rehab ministry is raw, real and so rewarding as you witness deep life transformationwhensurvivors find freedom from drug addiction. You will also teach in our preschool or work in our outreach center for teens and women suffering from domestic violence. Manipur gives your team the opportunity to love the community well in our various programs and coffee shop. Lastly, you will enjoy hikes and picnics overlooking the spectacular mountain range. Come journey with us on the mountain peaks!

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Medical Trips

This trip is a great opportunity to show God’s love in a more hands-on

approach, while gaining international medical-aid experience. You will help set up a triage to check vital signs and attend to minor ailments and/or complaints of local patients. You will assist in treating common illnesses such as various body aches, skin conditions, respiratory problems, wound care and much more. Your team will work alongside local physicians, healthcare providers, and pharmacists. You will also be able to pray for and share the good news with many of the patients we serve. Medical camps are very busy and rewarding! You should always be ready for something unexpected! You will also enjoy much needed R&R as we shop and tour the local sites! Come and join us on medical mission!


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Medical Trip February 16th-February 26th 2023: FULL

     *pricing for medical trips includes medical supplies and medicines, national doctor fees, and other related medical expenses



Our internships work within our programs while assisting our national staff in that particular location. It is our desire to have interns who can bring resources and support for the area they are working within, such as detox, rehabilitation, early childhood education, vocational training, and our aftercare programs.


Depending on the individual's qualifications, the intern may also help with leading/hosting teams.


*Internships range from 1-6 months*


For questions or additional Internships available for future dates, please contact Tracy Payton at tpayton@rahabsrope.com