About Us

Since 2004, Rahab’s Rope has spread awareness and worked to help eradicate human trafficking. We exist to empower women and children in the fight against human trafficking. 100% of our profits from sales and donations fund the mission. By creating a safe and loving environment through education and vocational training women and children are empowered to grow and develop physically, mentally, financially, and spiritually. We work in the areas of prevention, direct intervention and aftercare.


Our Name

"We believe nothing happens in our lives by chance and timing is God-appointed. As God was opening my eyes to the women in crisis in India, I was also taking an Old Testament Bible class and was studying the story of Rahab, found in the book of Joshua. The rope in the story represents Rahab's rescue both physically and spiritually. Due to the large amount of flax plant Rahab had and there is a high probability that Rahab made the rope herself. Our hope is that, just as the rope that Rahab made represents her rescue, the skills taught to the women at our women's centers will represent their physical and spiritual rescue as well. It seemed fitting for Rahab's Rope to be our name."

Vicki Moore Founder, Rahab's Rope


Our Mission:

Rahab's Rope exists to empower women and children in the fight against human trafficking. Our team seeks to equip the women with skills to live a life of hope and sustainability. 100% of the profits from the global and local artisans help fund the mission.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to see lives transformed by God's love in action. We reveal His love in a way that an individual can see, understand, and respond to in faith. God allows us to facilitate the process by which each woman in our care is first provided for emotionally, physically, and spiritually, then provided with basic education and training in vocational skills and eventually enabled to re-enter her community in a positive and contributing way. We equip each woman to reach out to her community and create a current of positive change.


Our Story

In January of 2004, I came across a story on the internet about women in India that got my attention and broke my heart. The story told how every day in India, about two hundred girls and women are forced into the commercial sex trade. I had previously visited India several times working with longtime friends in an orphanage and Bible college but had never heard this story. The story also interviewed a young lady that had been rescued and she stated that she had never been to school, could not read or write and couldn’t get a job. She did not want a handout but wanted someone to teach her how to do something. I immediately thought, I can teach you how to do something. I began to search for more information and learned that every year, over four million women and children around the globe are trafficked into prostitution and slave labor. The more I searched, the more atrocity I found. I could not get this newfound knowledge out of my mind, and I questioned God - "Why isn't someone doing something about this?" As usual, when we ask, He replied, "I would like for you to do something."

I had an upcoming trip to India planned for May of 2004, and with my new direction came new plans for the trip. We set up meetings in a couple of different cities and sought God's direction. He led us to Bangalore, India, and the process began. In December of 2004 - a short eleven months after stumbling across that first internet story - we held our first Annual Christmas Celebration. We introduced Rahab's Rope to a group of women that had been used and abused for most of their lives and saw no sign of hope. We had one hundred women in attendance on that first Celebration Day… the remarkable beginning to an incredible journey.

Please join us as we seek Him!

Blessing to You - In His Amazing Grace, Vicki Moore