About the Ministry

This district is long known for the horror stories of rape, abuse and deprivation. Perched atop some of the highest hills, it is often in the news for minors that have been trafficked. Manipur’s women, teenagers, teachers and mothers, are descending into drug addictions. Manipur has the highest rate of female injecting drug users of any northeast state. 80% of families here are affected by heroin use.



We opened our first preschool in Feb. 2018. Since its opening, we have passed the torch to local leadership to head the school and have taken a position of support. According to the National Freedom Center, “More than 1.2 million children in India are caught up in human trafficking as child prostitutes” (2009). The children most vulnerable to human trafficking are the undereducated, uneducated, and unskilled. Therefore, Rahab’s Rope has chosen to work among the poorest in Manipur, as low socioeconomic conditions are the prominent contributor to the dropout rate of children in the education system.

Research has proven that the lack of educational opportunities and high levels of poverty can greatly increase the risk for young girls to become victims of human trafficking. To decrease the vulnerability of these children, Rahab’s Rope committed to open a Christ centered preschool whose vision is to see every child educated with excellence in the name of Jesus. The preschool program exists to equip the students to pass the government entrance exam for primary school. Graduating preschool is the first step of success for the children and leaves the girls less likely to be targeted by local traffickers. We continue to support the staff of the preschool as partners and they continue to grow its success. Classes are provided five days each week.

Detox Facility

Rahab’s Rope supports a detox center run by local Manipurian staff as we recognize the connection between the use of drugs and alcohol and forced prostitution. The detox and rehabilitation center employs the 12-step model coupled with Christian counseling to help those struggling with the disease of addiction to achieve freedom from the substances and compulsive behaviors that are destroying their lives. This is the sole rehab center in the district which consists of approximately 180,000 people.

Over 50% of families have at least one member who is struggling with addiction. The area is ravaged by addiction because of it being the gateway of the golden triangle (the geographical intersection of Laos, Thailand and Myanmar) where black market drugs are sold and transported. Specifically, Manipur state borders Myanmar, the second-largest producer of synthetic opioids in the world. 

The program consists of three phases: detoxification, rehabilitation, and aftercare.

  • Detoxification: Our detoxification program is a mixed medical and social model program. We employ the use of detoxification drugs to safely assist clients through the withdrawal process. The detoxification program can range from 15- 30 days depending upon the client’s drug of choice.
  • Rehabilitation: During this phase of treatment, clients focus on learning the root causes of their addiction and tools to overcome. It employs the 12-step model of recovery and include Bible study and discipleship. Clients receive group and individual counseling, 12 step teachings, and life skills training. This program provides for clients mentally, physically and emotionally toward the goal of their freedom and empower them to continue their recovery process through sponsorship and outpatient support group. This program is a three-month program.
  • Aftercare: Post rehab, clients are given the opportunity to advance to our aftercare program. Aftercare is a 3-to-9-month program whose goals consists of teaching clients to develop and hone core coping skills introduced during the rehab phase, equipping clients with vocational training and Biblically discipling clients toward their holistic development.