About the Ministry

Goa is where we focus on preventing women and children from ever being lured into human trafficking. 

Our work with women is focused on life skills classes, vocational training, education, and counseling. In India, women and girls who are uneducated, undereducated, or unskilled are among the most vulnerable to entering the slave trade. It is common for traffickers to target daughters of poverty-stricken families who are desperate to help their families and put food on the table. These young girls often have no skills or education to earn an income and are easily tricked into the cycle of human trafficking.

To keep these girls out of the hands of potential traffickers, Rahab’s Rope provides a women’s training and development center as a means of human trafficking prevention. Various skills are taught that provide an opportunity for mothers to work inside, as well as outside the home. Our center has morning and afternoon sessions available 5 days a week for women.  Each session has a capacity of 20 to 25 students.

Our life skills classes also provide young women with the necessary tools to raise one’s quality of life. Rahab’s Rope teaches social skills, problem-solving and critical thinking, personal skills such as self-awareness and interpersonal skills. These classes lead to qualities such as self-esteem, sociability, and empowerment to generate change. They include a variety of topics including stress and emotion management, critical thinking, problem-solving, health and nutrition, sexual abuse prevention, human trafficking prevention, and English. Life skills and counseling are provided individually as well as in group meetings.

Here we work with children as well. In developing nations, if a child drops out at the primary level, they will most likely remain bound to the world of illiteracy and further restricted to poverty and ignorance. In order to decrease the advancement of this risk, Rahab’s Rope provides a tutoring program in two slum communities five days a week. In one community we tutor 60 children and in the other we tutor 35. Many parents in the slum are illiterate and cannot help with their children’s progress in school. Therefore, tutoring classes are a strategic tool to catalyze and maintain educational success in targeted areas. The Rahab’s Rope tutoring program provides aid for homework in math, spelling, language development, and Bible stories to learn about the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We all know that education and training go a long way to ending many ills of our world but without the heart being changed not much will really change. So, while we believe that our education programs in India are vital for a better future, we also realize that knowing Jesus brings the real change. Therefore, we spend our first hour of tutoring on schoolwork and the second hour learning about Jesus. 


Upcoming Trips to Goa

Mumbai/Goa Trip May 25th-June 8th 2024 FULL

December 30th-January 11th 2025 Goa Christmas Trip $3,900.00*

Frequently Asked Questions

What would I be doing as a short-term volunteer in Goa?
Should you join us in Goa, you will participate in ministry at all 3 of our Goa locations. Your focus will depend on your skill set and gifting. You may help with mentoring and product development at our Women’s Development Center, provide encouragement and devotions to women, have fun tutoring children in our after-school program and follow up with Bible stories and games, teach life skills in our teenage girls’ life skills class, teach Sunday school, and more. You will also have a chance to shop and sightsee. Come join us and help end the cycle of trafficking before it begins with our prevention programs.
Who can go?
Anyone over the age of 18 with a heart to serve the Lord is welcome to apply to join us on mission in Goa! This trip does not require any special skill set but rather we ask that you come with your specific gifts and talents to share with our women and girls and a heart ready to show them the face of Jesus.
Where would I be staying?
In Goa, we stay in a beautiful, quiet beach town. You will be staying in a local guest house- a popular option in Goa in which a family adds to their home to host guests. Here you will find the accommodation comfortable with a private western bathroom and a refrigerator.

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