As you know in Bangalore we work in three state facilities, two for rescued women and one for rescued minor girls. This is a place that I am always amazed at the favor and protection the Lord has given us. It is a place where we should not be allowed to share the love of Christ, yet this opportunity continually is more and more open for us. On average there are about 150 women and 70 minor girls being held here as they go through a court process.

We teach a certified sewing program in the two women’s homes. Last month we began teaching a new group of 25 women. We held an orientation class, and all the women were very excited for the opportunity to learn a skill. You could see the joy on their faces. We also spoke with each one of the women to get to know them personally. Each one shared her story. Our prayer and our motivation are that as we train them, and they begin to see hope a true transformation comes when they know Jesus.

We also began a new Bible study program. 50 women attended the class. 45 of them accepted a Bible. We had a superintendent for one of the homes attend the class and she also wanted a Bible. This is so exciting for us! In the beginning of working here we couldn’t mention the name of Jesus, although if no state staff were around, we would. And now we have state staff coming to Bible study and requesting a Bible. Only God could make this happen.

Rahab’s Rope hired a staff person to help us build and grow our life skills program for the women. We held an orientation program for life skills and 39 women will be attending the class. This is a time where we get to know the women better, spend time with them, listen to their stories and help them move forward.

In the minor girl’s home, we also began a new life skills program. 52 girls will be attending the class. We will spend time getting to know them and their backgrounds as we teach them life skills and English. In the upcoming months, some of these girls will be the ones we help work their case for repatriation to determine their placement. Is the family safe or will a girl’s home need to be found. Pray for our staff as they work with these young girls, pray for wisdom in the process and safety in their transportation and placement. 

Thank you for joining us on this journey and all the ways you support the work of Rahab’s Rope!