Approximately seven years ago International Justice Mission rescued a young lady from sex trafficking and brought her to the aftercare home where we work. We will call her Joy. Joy was pregnant and gave birth to a cute little boy. Our staff connected with Joy, and we continued to work closely with her and the baby. Joy was a bright young lady and had dreams for her and her child. We paid for Joy to go to vocational school outside the home and daycare for her son, Jerry. We have continued to stay in touch and support Joy and Jerry over the years. We are paying for Jerry to go to a good school. Last week his teacher sent a report on how he is doing. We are so happy about how Jerry and Joy are doing and I want to share it with you.

“My student Jerry! When he first stepped into my class he looked up to me and smiled with his blushing cheeks and twinkling eyes. I sensed they wanted to say something. Jerry is very respectful and puts his best efforts forward to learn. I have never heard him yell, but always reaches out with a soft nature. He brings his work to me with a cheerful heart. He speaks with his classmates with kind words and a smile on his face. There is no self-pride in him though he is a consistent performer. Spiritually saying he is a God fearing and prayerful child. I love listening to his Godly talks. I feel he shares everything with me as if he is sharing with his mother. I love Jerry. May God bless him.”

-Miss Lydia

I love being able to share our long-term relationships. We help so many but don’t always get to have these long-term relationships. I am so proud of Joy and all that she has overcome and for the way she is raising her son. I have attached a few pictures but of course had to blur their faces for security reasons. When you give to our scholarship fund this is what you are supporting. Thank you!

Thank you for joining us on this journey and all the ways you support the work of Rahab’s Rope!