Ena is 16 years old and grew up in a loving family that included her father, mother, and grandmother. She had a dream of one day becoming a model. A young man had befriended Ena. The family told Ena not to hang out with this boy, that he was a bad person. Like most teenagers, Ena felt her family was being too strict and secretly continued to meet with the boy and his friends. They told her they could help her get a modeling job if she left her family and came with them. One day Ena went missing. The family searched everywhere for her and called the police. No one could find her.

Eight months passed, and the grandmother continued to ask the police to search for her. Finally, with the police and the children’s helpline working together, they were able to trace where Ena had been taken. The police rescued Ena from a brothel. Ena said once she was brought to this place she was not allowed to leave. Ena told the children’s welfare worker there were many other girls like her that the trafficking gang had placed in different places and to please rescue them. She gave the police all the information she knew. Our staff was requested to work on Ena’s case and meet with the family. We met with the family, explained all that had happened, and requested them to accept her back with understanding. We then took Ena to meet her family. Everyone was happy.

Because it was a trafficking gang that took Ena it is not immediately safe to send Ena back home. She will stay where we work for one month and receive counseling and medical help. Ena will then be transferred to a girl’s home for one year where she can continue her education. At that time a decision will be made to determine if it is safe for her to return home. The police and intelligence bureau worked together and traced where the gang was located and arrested them, they are now in jail.

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Every week we work on the case of a young girl that has been rescued by the police from some desperate situation. The home keeps 70 to 80 girls in the facility. The work is endless as the police and children’s helpline work to rescue these girls. Please pray for our staff, the girls, and all involved in this process. Each case cost Rahab’s Rope approximately $200. If you would like more information, you can email us at info@rahabsrope.com or if you would like to support our repatriation/safe return work, visit our giving page. Thank you for caring!