Recently one of the madams, in the red-light area, we will call her Tama shared this story with our staff. One of her customers brought a young girl to her building. He told Tama he likes the girl and to keep her there for him and he will return in a couple of days to get her. Tama was afraid of the man and kept the young girl at her place. A few days later he called and told Tama to keep the girl in her brothel and work her in the business. He said when she starts earning money, he will come get her. Tama was disturbed by this man and shared with the girl what he had said and told her this is not a good place. The young girl was scared and began crying. The young girl pleaded with Tama to take her home. Tama wanted to do the right thing but feared what the man might do to her. Finally, Tama helped the young girl to file a police complaint against the man and bought her a train ticket to travel home. Tama shared with our staff what she had done and asked us to pray for her. We are praising God for working in Tama’s heart and for the wisdom and bravery God gave her. Pray for Tama as she is on her journey to fully knowing the Lord and giving her life to Him. Pray that she will feel compelled to help many more young women that are brought to this place. Pray for our staff as they counsel and lead these women in the right path.

“Jesus said to the woman; Your faith has saved you, go in peace”. Luke 5:50

Thank you for joining us on this journey and all the ways you support the work of Rahab’s Rope!