Every week we work the case of a young girl that has been found and rescued. We are happy we get to be a part of seeing that these girls land in a good place. However, the work is endless. The number of reported cases of missing girls continues to rise. I just read an article about one place in India where reported cases of missing girls have increased by 73% in one year.

Please pray for our staff, the girls, and all involved in this process.

Sani was raised by her loving family. Her father was an educated man and well-respected in the village. Often, he would be requested to help settle disputes. One day he met with opposition and was murdered. The mother was left with four children to support. Sani’s mother was not educated like her father and the only job she could get was working in the agricultural fields. A lady came that saw their situation and told Sani’s mother she could get Sani a job as a maid for a man that owned a computer company in Bangalore. Sani’s mother agreed since they were desperate, and she could barely feed her children. Sani agreed to go and send money to help her mother and three siblings.

Sani was 16 years old.

When Sani reached the home of the employer, he immediately began abusing her. He also began selling her to other men that would come to the house. Sani was scared for herself but also for her mother and three siblings. Sani reasoned with herself that at least she could send money to her mother and siblings. As the days passed the abuse was increasing every day. Sani could not bear it any longer and found a way to sneak out of the house without anyone noticing. She made it to a major bus stop; she didn’t have any money and did not know where she was or where to go. It was getting late when she saw a police station. She went to the police and told them what had happened. The police brought Sani to the minor girls home where we work and began an investigation. The Children’s Welfare Department requested our staff to work Sani’s case.

We were able to take Sani to her hometown and meet with the Children’s Welfare Department and Sani’s mother and explain what had happened. The CWD agreed to help the family. Sani will stay in a shelter home. The Superintendent agreed to provide counseling, medical check-up, literacy classes and vocational training for Sani. Sani’s mother was filled with joy for her daughter’s return. She can visit her daughter at the shelter home and has promised to do what is best for Sani.

At this point the investigation is still ongoing against the abusers.

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Please pray for our staff, the girls, and all involved in this process. Each case cost Rahab’s Rope approximately $200. If you would like more information, you can email us at info@rahabsrope.com or if you would like to support our repatriation/safe return work, visit our giving page. Thank you for joining us on this journey and all the ways you support the work of Rahab’s Rope!