Greetings from Delhi!


I have been in India for almost three weeks now. I had a wonderful group of six women with me for two of those weeks. They poured into our staff and those we serve and loved them well. Many things happened while they were here. I will share about the group once I can put together my thoughts on all they did and the movement of God we witnessed. As I sit here in Delhi, I will talk about the end of my time here.

Our Artisan Family

My time here is winding down by visiting some of our artisan partners. Most of the time we visit each one of them where they live and meet with the artisans themselves. Twice each year over 2500 representatives from all over the country gather in Delhi for a Handicraft Fair. No doubt God led us to six of the most incredible groups I can imagine. These people are like family to us. We have known all of them for over ten years and have even hosted some in our home stateside. We greet each other with hugs and kisses, laughter and food. I even worked at one of their booths for a little while, I think I got them some new business. It was a lot of fun. I am working on some new designs and products with all of them. We are also adding a new artisan partner. We were introduced by another artisan partner years ago, but it seems the timing to meet with them has not happened until now. I met with the founder Samuel, the company is 37 years old, Christian and Fair Trade. Their model is similar to Rahab’s Rope in that they use their profits to help their community. They provide clean water initiatives, sanitation projects, education, health camps and women empowerment programs. They employ men and women but our initial order with them will be product made by the women they employ. It will be after the first of the year before we receive the product. We will be sure and make a big deal of it when it arrives. Enjoy some pictures from the Fair.

India – My Second Home

I have been coming to India for over 23 years. I often get asked what is your favorite part of what you do or are you excited about your trip? This time I was asked a very interesting and insightful question by someone in the group. She asked, “Is this normal to you?” The team had seen and experienced so many things that are nothing like America. I said, “That is an excellent question. Yes, this is normal to me.” My position is hard to explain. Yes, God called me here to work with women and children. Yes, I am a missionary. No, I do not live in India full-time. Our business model was birthed from the beginning. God knew we would need a business platform to come and go in this country long before we did. I love our Indian staff and our U.S. staff, it takes both to do what we do. I love my family, I love those we serve and our artisan partners. And, without you what would we do? I thank God for you and your support, for your shopping, your giving and your prayers. Together, we have impacted thousands of lives. 

Thank you for joining us on this journey and all the ways you support the work of Rahab’s Rope!