Thoughts from India

Thoughts from India

Out of comfort into an adventure: I am a girl of comfort. I want my pillow, my blanket my fan and espresso. I want a soft mattress. So thankful that God delivers what I need even if I don’t get what I want. Father, lead me to go wherever you are, where you are working. Thank you, Father for Rahab’s Rope working to do what you purpose and for the opportunity to be a small part of your bigger plan.

Amen Fading Henna: She expertly drew lines and flowers the brown henna staining my hand, connecting us. Her young beautiful hand holding mine, I am overwhelmed with the depth of Christ’s love for us both. She is only one of the Indian people who now live with hope because of Rahab’s Rope. My trip was short, only 10 days but I will forever be thankful for the opportunity to see God at work.

Girl on the Bus: I sat beside her on the bus. She was beautiful and Muslim. I guess that is why she held her head down and would not look my way. As we waited for the bus to start, a loud banging noise on the bus window demanded our attention. Outside the bus a man dressed as a Hindu god painted blue-green loudly begging, banging, on our window drew us together. She slid away from him to me. Then she smiled. Are we not the same? We were born for God to love and for us to love Him. That is why Jesus came, for us both. How can I tell her how much He loves her? How can I show her in the short time we have on this bus the love of Christ?

Temple Bells: Religion is everywhere in India, religion calling people to search for hope, for purpose. Shrines are everywhere calling the faithful the searching to pray. Every morning the Hindu temple bells ring calling people to worship. How sad to be forever seeking god and finding nothing.

Rahab’s Rope bringer of Hope: God is bringing hope to many people in India through Rahab’s Rope. While there I saw hungry children fed. Young women living in a slum dancing with joy and mothers asking for prayer for children.

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