The Journey

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India was a long journey both physically and spiritually for me. As I reflect on my trip, the memories come flooding back. There was the good, the sad and the ugly.

The ugly. I will define the ugly as unpleasant, the smells, the trash, the heat and more. This is part of the everyday routine here. With that, it is amazing how God takes those things and the unpleasant seems to fade.

The sad. I had a feeling of heaviness. I know I was there for a purpose, but I wanted to help everyone. We heard so many stories of death, sorrow and tragedy. It was sad to think I could not be a life changer and meet the needs for all. Then I was reminded, I am not in control. I was called for a purpose and God has a plan. Seeds are being planted. I am not the changer or redeemer. All thoughts and fingers can be pointed to Jesus and what He has done in my life and what He is capable of doing in anyone’s life anywhere in the world.

The good. When I look back at the ugly and sad, I can see such good through it all. The people I met have such joy and character. You fall in love with India because of the people. God is at work there. Your team becomes your family away from home, sharing in the moments of ministry and testimony. You go hoping you are going to make a difference then you see that it is the people that make a difference in you. You leave with three little girls in your heart, that you cannot let go of. You read the letter from them over and over again. You cry at the fact of leaving them. You pray fervently for the journey ahead for them and you. You realize how much you need to lean and trust God in everything you do.

Without God, I never would have had the chance to go to India and meet three young women that have changed my life forever. Without God, I would have never realized what trusting Him and letting go really looks like. I am humbled and renewed in Him! I am reminded of Romans 8:28 “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose”, and Psalm 145:9 “The Lord is good to all, and His mercies are over all His works”. God is good and can bring goodness from any situation.

This trip was full of what our team would call lovingly, “blessings and stretches”, all orchestrated by God and for an intentional purpose. The good, sad, and ugly all had their place in the journey. We are a work in progress and thank goodness we have God that loves us through it all despite cultural, economic, political, or any other background.