The Beauty of the Fields and Locals


The amazing scenery as we drove a few hours up to the area we would be serving in Manipur was breathtaking. There were rice fields that covered the mountains. We would be woken up early with the sound of roosters and church bells. As you would look out the window, you would see many locals walking to church, adorned with fascinating tribal colors.

As we sat on the benches, in a humble little English-speaking church, I couldn’t help but notice how well the children behaved and participated. Afterwards, they offered us all cookies and tea. It filled my heart with joy.

The children in the preschool would sing out beautifully and were so eager to learn.

Working with the precious ladies in the detox center was such a blessing. It was so sweet how they were willing to open up so quickly with us. They were so much fun to do activities and games with. I was very impressed how most of the young ladies in the detox program seemed to trust the team. A few of the women were not ready to share or participate and that was okay. It was just good to know they were in a safe place and when they were ready, there was the assurance that someone with understanding would be available for them, to be open with, and receive the services and support they need.

How fun it was to have a game night and popcorn, with the locals at the community center. They were so patient with me as I was trying to figure out the games as well. We had a great time.

What a wonderful blessing it is, to be able to serve others in Manipur.