I appreciate all the work that Rahab’s Rope does in India. One aspect that I like a lot is the business model. This model, to a great extent, funds the ministry but it also helps the women move forward to a better place in life. The women can earn money as they learn skills which in turn increases their self-worth.

Thank You



I am amazed how Rahab’s Rope works in India for anti-trafficking. Rahab’s Rope works in three major areas to stop this evil: prevention, rescue and aftercare. I am proud to say that I work in the aftercare home programs of Rahab’s Rope, especially the work in the government homes. The government homes are the place women and children are brought right after rescue. We work in five different aftercare homes across the city. We provide life skills, vocational training, counselling, Bible study, recreational activities, field trips and many other related programs. In all the centers, the women and children are rescued from sex trade, domestic violence, streets and child labor. Rahab’s Rope has a huge impact on their lives, not just because of the programs we provide them but because we are able to spread the love of Christ to them. Personally, as a staff, doing the day to day programs with these women I am blessed to see these women, enjoying our fellowship and learning to trust and accept us. At many moments the women have thought no one cares for me, but when we, the staff, visit and work with them they feel loved and cared for by us. This is a great blessing to the staff. The women enjoy making the products, they feel proud of what they have made and that they can earn good money. It also works as therapy for them and occupies their minds. Volunteers are another huge blessing for the work of Rahab’s Rope. Volunteers come with many talents, creative activities and skills. The women we serve enjoy learning and doing the activities that volunteers present. The women also enjoy the fellowship with the volunteers. The volunteers spread the aroma of Christ’s love with the women.

    Aftercare Director




From a personal standpoint, I am sure I cannot express fully how much I personally appreciate the work of Rahab’s Rope. I am really proud to say that I work for Rahab’s Rope. I really honor and admire the vision and work of our founders and the state side staff. They are the ones who make things happen in India. I appreciate all the volunteers who sacrificially come and work in the field and also all of our India staff who make many efforts to impact the lives of these women and children. I heartfully appreciate all their dedication, work and willingness to fight against these social evils. It’s all because of everyone’s hard work many lives are being blessed and changed.

       Aftercare Director


Before I joined Rahab’s Rope, I had a passion to work among women trafficked into sex work. God connected me with Rahab’s Rope and eventually I joined the staff and was able to carry out my passion to serve women. I really enjoy this work; loving, helping and leading the hopeless women to have a HOPE. I have learned many things through the work of Rahab’s Rope, not just in my area but I also get to visit the other ministry work sites. I always thank God for providing this job with Rahab’s Rope.



I surely see the hand of God working through Rahab’s Rope. I am seeing God’s intervention and work of God from the time I began working with Rahab’s Rope. We have seen doors open in our network with Government homes that can only be explained by God’s amazing hand at work. There are many stories of seeing God work and using Rahab’s Rope to serve the women and children of India. Even through obstacles God is always helping to overcome and continue the work. I have clearly seen the hand of God with Rahab’s Rope.



As staff, I really admire the connections that Rahab’s Rope has been able to make over the years and also the new connections that happen every year. Rahab’s Rope relates with different NGO’s and helps when possible. It is a blessing to have unity.

Thank You


We want to thank God that He has given us a good opportunity to work with Rahab’s Rope. We work with women and children directly in the red-light area and those that are destitute. We provide literacy classes, help get identification, medical needs and various vocational and job training. Through this work along with counseling, prayer and Bible teaching we have seen many women’s lives changed. We are very happy working with Rahab’s Rope and being able to bless these women and children. Our prayer is that we will be able to bless them with the love of Christ more and more. 

                                                                    Thank you

                                                                      A & S



We joined Rahab’s Rope eight years ago and have seen God’s love extended over the years. Through the teams we have seen Christ’s love shown to the people we serve and it makes them very happy. Through house visits, life skill classes, prayer and Bible teaching the teams have brought peace, joy and hope to our people. We have seen many prayers answered, sickness healed and addictions overcome.


For seven years we had a very small place for ministry. In this place we have tutoring for 40 children, Bible teaching, life skill classes, Sunday School, men’s prayer breakfast and life skills, mother / baby program, church service and more. Through the blessings of Rahab’s Rope we now have a new big building to serve God and serve people.


Since joining Rahab’s Rope we have some great blessings in our life. The stateside staff of Rahab’s Rope has been and continues to be a great blessing to our family and ministry.


                                                                                    Thank you -