Promise Bows

All 50 women were waiting for us, they were sitting quietly in a large room, some rocking themselves due to trauma, some chatting or just staring blankly. This is a place where women wait, wait for their court case to be finalized, wait for a family member to pick them up, wait for death if there is no one to vouch for them.

Unfortunately, in India, there is no database of missing persons so once someone is trafficked the families cannot track them down through the police so other than physically traveling back to their villages, which is generally not an option due to cost, many women never see their families again. 

We come weekly to share a bible story or principle. Today we taught on Noah and how God gave the rainbow as a promise, stressing His love for them and that he promises to be always with them.  The women all listened attentively, even remarkably many knew the story and chimed in with insights or sweet comments.

After the story we brought out ribbons that were three different colors from the rainbow. As the women stepped forward and knelt before me, I had the amazing privilege of tying the ribbon in a bow around their heads. I was able to look into their eyes telling each one that she was special and loved. I will never forget the looks on many of their faces: similar to how a seven year old girl looks as her mom fixes her hair and pours love over her.

For many of these women they have not known a kind or loving mom, or if they had they longed for her arms again.  It was so beautiful and there was nowhere else that I would rather been. I thank God for this ministry!