Rahab’s Rope

Rahab's Rope exists to empower

women and children in the fight

against human trafficking. 


Our Name

"We believe nothing happens in our lives by chance and timing is God-appointed. As God was opening my eyes to the women in crisis in India, I was also taking an Old Testament Bible class and was studying the story of Rahab the prostitute found in the book of Joshua. The rope in the story represents Rahab's rescue both physically and spiritually, and there is a high probability that Rahab made the rope herself. Our hope is that, just as the rope that Rahab made represents her rescue, the skills taught to the women at our women's centers will represent their physical and spiritual rescue as well. It seemed fitting for Rahab's Rope to be our name."

Vicki Moore
Founder, Rahab's Rope


How can we know that Rahab made the rope?

There is no way to be 100% certain that Rahab made the rope that would later represent her physical and spiritual rescue. However, we are told in the story that Rahab hides two spies under a flax plant. The finer parts of flax were used to make linens and the rest to make rope. Considering Rahab had enough flax to cover and hide two men leads us to conclude that she owned the flax to make something including rope.

The Biblical character, Rahab, is first introduced in Joshua chapter two and then re-appears in Joshua chapter six, verses seventeen through nineteen.


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