Venture India

Interested in serving alongside the ministry of Rahab's Rope?  Venture India trips are a great way to learn what it looks like to fight human trafficking in India and to plug into being a part of the solution.


Customizable trips are available for groups of 4 or more.
Ask about our two, three, and four week options.
For more information contact Chandler at

Goa  (Men & Women, 18+)
We are looking for volunteers to assist with the operations of our Goa prevention projects. Trips vary as we have a wide range of ministry opportunities available. The areas of ministry include the vocational training center, after school programs, preschool assistance, tutoring classes and life skills training for young men and women. Volunteers will have the opportunity to work alongside our staff and national partners. Come join us and help end the cycle of trafficking before it begins with our prevention programs. Go Goa!

Short Term Trips
June 16-30, 2017 (1 volunteer needed)  $3,500  FULL
July 7-21, 2017 (6 volunteers needed)  $3,300  FULL
July 21 - August 4, 2017 (6 volunteers needed)  $3,300  FULL

Medical Short Term Trip
September 15-24, 2017 (Split between Mumbai and Goa)  $3,300  FULL
*pricing for medical trips includes medical supplies and medicines, national doctor fees, and other related medical expenses

Christmas Short Term Trip
December 27, 2017 - January 6, 2018 (2 volunteers needed)  $3,400



Mumbai/Bangalore (Women Only, 20+)
*trips include Mumbai and Bangalore locations

We are looking for several qualified volunteers to assist in our direct intervention programs in Mumbai, and then in our aftercare programs in Bangalore. Mumbai provides two distinct opportunities. The first opportunity is assisting in our partner children’s home. Many children are born and raised in the red-light district. By building trust among the women we have been able to successfully remove children from the red-light area into a safe and loving children’s home. Many times the women don’t trust the homes and bring the children back to the red-light area. By providing American staff and volunteers for the children’s home the same trust we have in the red-light district transfers over to the home helping ensure the children’s safety and a better quality of life. The children’s home is an incredible place to invest and pour out love on these precious children, many of whom have already suffered much abuse. You will assist the staff with daily life in the home, after-school tutoring and lots of fun, games and love!

The second opportunity available is for persons with a medical background. Medical needs in the red-light district are continual and varied. We are offering an opportunity for you to participate in a medical clinic that is operated in our flat directly in the red-light district. Here you will minister to some of the world’s most oppressed women that will also be some of the most precious women you will ever meet. Ideal candidates for this trip are individuals interested in pursuing a career in anti-trafficking. Due to the sensitive nature of this trip, volunteers will undergo extensive training upon arrival in India. Preference will be shown based on experience.
Short Term Trips* 
June 2-16, 2017  FULL
June 30 - July 14, 2017   FULL
*all above trips include serving at our Mumbai and Bangalore locations

Volunteering in Bangalore is centered on the aftercare of trafficked victims. Here, volunteers have the opportunity to plug into an aftercare home for women who have been arrested and rescued from prostitution, as well as an AIDS Hospice and Children’s Home. We are looking for people who are willing to pray with and love on these women and children daily. Volunteers will help lead bible stories, organize group activities, assist in counseling sessions (if qualified), and teach life skills and vocational classes. We have learned that 90% of women who have been rescued from trafficking often will return back to the sex industry after being released from an aftercare facility. This is largely due their lack of relational, educational, and vocational skills, which keeps them from being qualified for jobs. This is why we do what we do. We want to prepare these women for a new, beautiful, and successful life, full of opportunity, outside of the sex industry. Our heart and prayer is that through our aftercare programs, these women and children will learn their identity is in Christ alone, and that they can do and be anything with Him by their side. Join us in Bangalore! 

Short Term Trips* 
May 19 - June 2, 2017  $3,200  FULL
June 16-30, 2017  FULL
July 14-28, 2017 $3,200  FULL
*above dates are for Bangalore only  

Christmas Short Term Trip
December 27, 2017 - January 6, 2018 (2 volunteers needed)  $3,400


Medical Trips
Every year, we organize multiple medical clinics in Mumbai and Goa. These trips are great opportunities for volunteers to love in a more hands-on approach, while gaining international medical-aid experience. At each clinic, a triage is set up to check vital signs and attend to minor ailments and/or complaints of local patients. Common ailments that are treated in the clinics include various body aches, side effects of dehydration and malnutrition, common cold, and yeast infections. Volunteers will be working alongside local physicians, healthcare providers, and pharmacists. Medical camps are very busy, but very rewarding, and volunteers should always be ready for something unexpected! 

September 15-24, 2017  $3,300  FULL


Trip costs includes: airfare (from select airports within the U.S.), food, lodging, transportation within India, limited sightseeing, and ministry supplies. Dates are approximate and may vary slightly depending on airfare cost.

For questions please contact Chandler at