Indian Churches

Indian Church reaches out to Former Sex Workers

The familiar honking of horns accompanied us, as the Pastor “Rakesh” drove me to “Sita’s” church. As we weaved in and out of rickshaws and cows, I thanked the pastor for the church accepting our girls from the trafficking background. With a warm smile, he replied, “That is the kind of church we are. We are not just here for Christians, we also want to welcome unbelievers.”

Upon arriving at the church, I found that He was so true to his word. I am not sure I have been in a church like this one. The row in front of me held 4 former sex workers and the row behind me was full of non-believers. When the pastor offered communion to Christians, about 1/3 of the church did not participate. They were just enjoying the love of God and this fellowship and they are on their journey to follow Christ.

Several women put on a skit about Jesus, I learned some of the women in the skit recently became believers and some of their lost family members came to see them in the skit. It was amazing to see their families support them and also hear the good news through the arts. The whole scene just blew me away. Afterwards, the church served a monthly lunch. I sat on the floor with new friends and old and began to eat the spicy feast with my hand along with the others. The men of the church immediately came and got the 3 babies from the former sex workers so they could eat. It was so beautiful to see brothers in Christ serving so well. The church is so supportive of the women and wants to see them succeed. One man was asking what would happen to “Isha” and “Sunita” after graduation at their aftercare home. He was worried they would be asked to leave the home and be unemployed and tempted to return to the Red-Light District. Based on our conversation, I believe that he will help them find a job. I’m so glad to see the local church rising up to help the women we serve.