Beauty Amidst the Decay

We were walking alongside the road, having just come from a house visit in the slum.  Looking around, I could see old buildings chipping of paint, yet vibrant in color. The path along which we walked smelled of undesirable things, yet on any given day there is a hint of fragrance from a local bakery. The roads are either dusty or dreary with rain, but the view is often flooded with the beauty when a woman wearing a multicolored saree walks by. Amidst the poverty are the most genuine of smiles and authentic of laughs.


Beauty amidst the decay. This is India. Nowhere else could I describe as being so penetrated with beauty while simultaneously being home to so much hurt.


Throughout my time in India, I have been a witness to the fact that God is all about restoration. I have seen how He can bring good out of anything. He brings beauty out of the ashes and the dust. Nothing is too far gone for Him to redeem.


I have been encouraged by how God is working through Rahabs Rope to bring restoration in India. One of the ministries we partner with includes spending time with children to help them with their studies and share the message of the gospel. This ministry is valuable in providing these children with an opportunity for success and provision outside of the human trafficking trade.


One day, a girl and her mother attended this after school program. We were informed that the mother was a former sex worker. This woman is now bringing her child to a place where she can learn valuable information and encounter the love of Jesus. In Isaiah 61, God expresses His desire to redeem that which has been lost for generations. This girl and her mother are a beautiful picture of God’s intention for restoration. In faith I pray that this little girl’s life will be that of freedom instead of slavery and trust in Jesus rather than blindness.


As I walk along the streets or look out the bus window, I see God present among the beauty. I see Him present amidst the brokenness. I am reminded that Jesus worked among that which we are normally not attracted to. He sees the potential in that which we do not. While in India, Jesus has given me eyes to see that all is being made new. It is in hope that we can rejoice in the hurt and embrace the brokenness because He has a plan to make it beautiful. In India, He is making the broken beautiful.