From a Short Term Volunteer

From a Short Term Volunteer In June, I spent two weeks in Goa. I had never flown without my family. I had never met any of these team members. I had never even been out of the country, so this was a major jump, but it was so rewarding. I met some amazing people. I could not have asked for a better team. I felt like I had known them for years. We laughed, cried, and stepped in cow poop together, and with an experience like that, how could you not be close? We really connected and had a phenomenal time with each other, but I met some amazing people with such strong testimonies of faith. One teenage boy in particular literally hid from his Hindu father so that he could go to a believer church on Sunday. That was so convicting. How often do we think, “Maybe I’ll just sleep in and miss Sunday school, but I’ll try to make it to church.”? But this kid was hungry for the word of God and the fellowship of other believers. That was so encouraging but also caused me to take a look at myself and what I was putting first.
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