The Woman at the Gate

As we walked this road, we passed by a gated two-story home. Inside the gate someone had used white wash to paint some words on concrete posts. The words were: The blood of Jesus Christ saves.
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Once written by Amy Carmichael, who lived a missionary’s life in India, “It is great to be faced with the impossible, for nothing is impossible if one is meant to do it. Wisdom will be given, and strength. When the Lord leads, He always strengthens.” It was for such a time in June 2018, that God shared with me these moments in India with Him.
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God of Equity

The small fans that cool us seem so insignificant until this moment. I am surrounded by beautiful children, marred with symbols of idolatry on their bodies- third eyes, bracelets, markings to ward off evil spirits. I am teaching them basic math. They are filled with excitement- a hunger and thirst for knowledge.
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The Journey

India was a long journey both physically and spiritually for me. As I reflect on my trip, the memories come flooding back. There was the good, the sad and the ugly.
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Beauty Amidst the Decay

We were walking alongside the road, having just come from a house visit in the slum. Looking around, I could see old buildings chipping of paint, yet vibrant in color. The path along which we walked smelled of undesirable things, yet on any given day there is a hint of fragrance from a local bakery.
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