Story of Piya

Piya is the daughter of a farmer, born and brought up in Bangladesh where she had three brothers and one older sister.  After her older sister married, Piya was required to work on the farm and in the home, but she wanted to do more to help her parents.  So, she went to seek help from one of her cousins, who had just arrived from Mumbai. He promised her to get a good job in Mumbai, and took her with him when he returned. Instead of helping her, though, Piya’s cousin sold her to a brothel and disappeared.  Of course, he had not told her what kind of job she would have to do but abandoned her to be forced into sex work.

8 years later, she is still in Mumbai, sending money to her parents and brothers.  Through Rahab’s Rope, though, she has now learned to make bracelets and sees that she can earn money doing good work. When she first received the payment for making bracelets, her joy was uncontainable, as she said, “this is the first good money we have earned.”  She then kissed her payment saying, “My heart is filled with joy as I am holding it.

Tears filled her eyes, as she said how much she wished she had known Rahab’s Rope earlier; if so, she would have learned something then.  Now, 8 years after she first was trafficked, Piya has returned to Bangladesh, armed not only with a skill, but more significantly, with the hope and dignity that there can be life outside of the brothels.  While leaving, she whispered to our staff, “I am going to start a new life.”