My Grace Is Big Enough

When you see the living conditions of this place, it becomes much easier to have nothing but compassion well up in the space where judgement might have been the more common knee jerk response.
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Promise Bows

All 50 women were waiting for us, they were sitting quietly in a large room, some rocking themselves due to trauma, some chatting or just staring blankly. This is a place where women wait, wait for their court case to be finalized, wait for a family member to pick them up, wait for death if there is no one to vouch for them.
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A Holy Night

The moon shines intensely on a cool night in Manipur as we all gather around a fire and sing songs of worship to the true and living God. There are three women all from Hindu background who join in the singing in their own language or listen with glee as we proclaim good and life changing news.
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The Woman at the Gate

As we walked this road, we passed by a gated two-story home. Inside the gate someone had used white wash to paint some words on concrete posts. The words were: The blood of Jesus Christ saves.
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Once written by Amy Carmichael, who lived a missionary’s life in India, “It is great to be faced with the impossible, for nothing is impossible if one is meant to do it. Wisdom will be given, and strength. When the Lord leads, He always strengthens.” It was for such a time in June 2018, that God shared with me these moments in India with Him.
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