About the Ministry

Bangalore holds a special place in our hearts here at Rahab’s Rope as it is where we began. While our work in Bangalore has changed over the last 20 years of ministry, the Lord has remained faithful and continues to call us to minister to His people here. Rahab’s Rope has been in Bangalore since 2004, providing aftercare for thousands of women through basic education and vocational training. Rahab’s Rope partners with various individuals and organizations to provide aid in the aftercare and rehabilitation process. We also work to provide case workers and repatriation of minor girls that have been rescued from the horrors of trafficking. We seek to equip them for a life of their own and work to repatriate one minor girl a week to a place of safety- a new beginning. We also partner with several ministries in Bangalore serving those hurt by the devadasi system, the local slum communities, and safe homes.


Rahab’s Rope works in two aftercare homes for women. One of the homes is for women that have been rescued from sex trafficking and the other houses women from a multitude of abusive situations. The two homes house approximately 130 women. We provide a certified sewing program, life skill classes, literacy, and art therapy. We have enrolled a few women in technical training outside the facility. We have also transitioned women into jobs or reunited them with their families.


Repatriation for Rahab’s Rope is returning a rescued minor child to either her family or a safe environment. The home where we work can house approximately 70 girls ages 5 to 18 years old. The child could have been rescued from one of several forms of trafficking. We provide counseling and life skills to the girls while we are working on their case. Rahab’s Rope staff works to help determine the best placement for the child and covers all expenses involved in the repatriation. We provide this care and service for one child each week, plus emergencies.

Upcoming Trips to Bangalore

Bangalore/Mumbai Split Trip May 25th-June 8th 2024 

Bangalore/Mumbai Medical August 23rd-September 1st 2024

Frequently Asked Questions

What would I be doing as a short-term volunteer in Bangalore?

Working in Bangalore with Rahab’s Rope is centered around helping survivors of human trafficking find hope and healing. You will show God’s love in practical ways as you help lead Bible studies, life skills, group activities and vocational classes. 

This trip includes the opportunity to work in slum communities teaching after-school classes, Sunday school, and awareness programs. You will encourage and join our staff in helping women and children learn their identity is in Christ alone. There will also be an opportunity to shop and sightsee. Come join us in Bangalore as we move these courageous survivors forward in hope and healing.

Who can go?

Anyone over the age of 18 with a heart to serve the Lord is welcome to apply to join us on mission in Bangalore! This trip does not require any special skill set but rather we ask that you come with your specific gifts and talents to share with our women and girls.

Where would I be staying?

Our volunteers stay in an apartment-style Airbnb while in Bangalore. These accommodations have Western bathrooms and are very comfortable.

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