The Mumbai Project

The Mumbai Project

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It is known as the “City of Dreams,” but for many Mumbai is the place where their dreams were shattered at the hands of an individual who exploited those dreams for a profit. Many women and young girls agree to leave their families and homes for the dream of a “better life” in Mumbai, only to find themselves at the mercy of traffickers and brothel owners in one of the city’s infamous red light districts.

Mumbai is a major destination city for human trafficking, with a large population of women and girls from Bangladesh and Nepal, as well as every corner of India. Far from family and friends, most of these women don’t know where to turn or who to trust, and remain trapped in the brothels of Mumbai until it is too late.
Rahab’s Rope began working in Mumbai in January of 2011. One of our full-time staff members moved to Mumbai from Bangalore and began building relationships with the women in two different red light areas as well and focused on forming partnerships with other anti-trafficking organizations. Through faithful prayer, hard work and dedication, she laid a foundation on which the ministry could continue to grow.
Today, we have a center in the red light area serves as a “home base” from which our team runs our programs. The center is open for weekly prayer meetings, daily classes for young girls in the community, vocational training, as well as individual counseling and discipleship. Our team also conducts regular house visits among the brothels in the area.
Over the past few years, we have seen the work in Mumbai grow exponentially. Through daily interaction our team has built strong relationships with the women in the red light areas, and the trust that has been built has opened doors to rescue and restoration for both women and children. We have developed partnerships with many local organizations including children’s homes, and anti-trafficking organizations specializing in rescue and aftercare. Through prayer meetings and personal discipleship, many women have discovered for the first time the freedom and healing that can only be found through a relationship with Jesus Christ.
In addition, our staff has opened a preschool for children in the red light area, who would otherwise be around their mothers as they work, and we have established a small children's home for children from this area.

One of our primary partners in Mumbai is a children's home for about 80 children, some of whom were born to mothers in the red light areas; others are true orphans, street children, or are HIV positive.  In the home, the children are given a safe place to live, food and vitamins, and education. Most importantly, they are taught the Gospel and the love of God.

We have developed a presentation detailing statistics of sex trafficking in Mumbai and more specific project budget information and invite you to view it here.

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