Just Another Day!

It was a beautiful Sunday morning as the nine of us headed to Church, five team members traveled in a vehicle and four, including myself took an auto rickshaw. Our driver was very friendly as we went along the way speaking to many people and even stopping to shake hands a few times on our fifteen minute journey. We asked him to wait for us for our return trip as it can be difficult to get a ride out of the slum. The return trip started out similarly as our driver again spoke to many people along the road. He stopped at a Chickoo fruit stand to greet a friend. Much to our surprise he had the stand owner give us a Chickoo to eat. After the snack we were off again. Please keep in mind that the other five team members were in a vehicle and were probably at the house by this time, they have no idea of the adventure we are on and I have the key to get in the house. Unexpectedly, he stopped again. This time our driver disappeared behind a row of shop buildings. He reappeared with a little boy, his grandson. He wanted us to meet his grandson! He then put his grandson in his lap to continue with us on our journey home. We pulled out into the road and suddenly made a u-turn back to the spot where we had just stopped. I insisted we must go home and he insisted we get out of the rickshaw and follow him. I insisted three times and finally resigned to the fact that we were going nowhere until we followed him. We disembarked our rickshaw and followed the driver down a path behind a row of buildings. The girls were saying if you were not with us we would be so scarred! I assured them we were fine and that he was taking us to meet the rest of his family and probably for tea. We arrived at our destination which was a small 3 room home where the driver and his wife lived with their 2 sons and daughter-in-laws and 1 daughter and son-in-law and 2 grandchildren, let me count for you, ten people. Our driver’s wife served us desert on coconut leaf bowls and tea. We sat and chatted for a few minutes and then had a family photo taken before leaving to finalize our journey home.

Just another day in India!
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