The Goa Project

Rahab’s Rope’s work in Goa focuses on prevention, with a heavy emphasis on education. Here, we serve slum populations that are very at-risk and vulnerable to traffickers because of their socio-economic status. The work is very practical and hands-on, with the Gospel and God’s love incorporated and infused into everything that we do.

Ministry in Goa is quite varied, as the needs of the populations are very diverse.  Together with our national partners, we are involved in the following projects:
  • Tutoring – in impoverished communities, dropout rates for children are very high. Without an education, these children are much more vulnerable to traffickers. Five days a week, Rahab’s Rope works with about 40 children, as well as their families, to help them achieve success in school and learn about the Bible and Jesus’ love. In addition, we regularly make house visits in the slums to encourage parents to reinforce the work being done in school and tutoring.
  • Mother-Baby Class – encourages positive interactions between mothers and babies, emphasizing the importance of early childhood development for success later in life.
  • Life Skills – Rahab’s Rope teaches several different classes in the slum areas that emphasize adaptive and positive behaviors, including stress/emotion management, critical thinking, problem solving, HIV/AIDS awareness, sexual abuse prevention, trafficking prevention, and English. These classes are available for girls, as well as boys, with the intention of teaching boys how to treat women and reducing the demand for trafficking.
  • Preschools – partnering with two different preschools, Rahab’s Rope supports both the teachers, many of whom are uneducated themselves, as well as the students for whom a successful education will provide further opportunities and make them less vulnerable targets to traffickers.
  • Stitching Class – Classes at the stitching center include sewing, crochet, jewelry making, embroidery, and other similar skills.  Women in the program are paid per piece for their salable items and thus given an economic outlet that would be impossible without such skills.

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