The Bangalore Project

Rahab’s Rope has been in Bangalore since 2004, providing aftercare for hundreds of women through basic education and vocational training. Rahab’s Rope has had its own home and partnered with various individuals and organizations throughout the past years to provide aid in the aftercare and rehabilitation process.

Currently, Rahab's Rope serves at a Hindu NGO that runs an aftercare facility for women who have been arrested or rescued from prostitution. God has provided a unique and joyful opportunity for Rahab’s staff and volunteers’ involvement in this facility. This particular aftercare home provides physical provision and protection but offers very little for emotional and spiritual needs. After being rescued or arrested, many of the female residents remain in a state of hopelessness and desperation.

Rahab’s Rope discovered this particular facility has a high return rate of women who go back to working in the sex industry after being released. However, God has opened the door for our ministry to enter the aftercare home on a regular basis to share the love of Christ through basic education, life skills, counseling and vocational training. Many women have come to a saving knowledge of Christ. God is using the staff and volunteers of Rahab’s Rope to shine His glorious light among those in darkness.

Additionally, Rahab’s Rope wholeheartedly believes that the body of Christ is meant to work in unity and is stronger when working together rather than individually. To that end, we partner with an AIDS/HIV hospice and orphanage. We first connected with this ministry because they offer free AIDS testing and would test the women from Rahab’s Rope’s home. We work now with the organization's facility for orphans who have AIDS and whose parents have passed away due to the disease. Rahab’s Rope sends volunteers to spread the hope of the gospel and the love of Christ into these devastating and heart wrenching situations.

In one of the slums of Bangalore, Rahab's Rope has begun a ministry of teaching life skills and ministering to the community.  These classes lead to qualities such as self-esteem, sociability, and empowerment to generate positive change and include a variety of topics including stress and emotion management, critical thinking, problem solving, HIV/AIDS awareness, sexual abuse prevention, human trafficking prevention, and English classes. Most importantly, the truth of Jesus Christ and Bible stories are woven into every class.

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