About Us

About Us

Rahab's Rope is a 501(c)(3)  that exists to give hope and opportunity to women and girls that are at risk or have been forced into the commercial sex trade of India. By creating a safe and loving environment, they are enabled to grow and develop physically, mentally, and spiritually. Our work provides basic education and vocational training for each girl and woman who come through our centers, ultimately allowing them to integrate into their communities in a positive and constructive manner.

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 - Our mission and vision statements are fundamental to who we are and provide the foundation from which we operate and grow. To view our Mission and Vision statements please click here.



Our Name

 - Our name is taken from the Biblical account of the prostitute, Rahab, found in the book of Joshua chapters two and six. To view the complete story behind our name, as well as the Biblical account, please click here.


Our Story

- In January of 2004 then stay-at-home mom, Vicki Moore, came across an internet story about forced prostitution in India. The story detailed that 200 women and girls are forced into the commercial sex trade of India each day. Vicki dove deeper into the statistics and stories and couldn't believe what she found. Vicki felt the Lord's call to take action against the atrocity of human trafficking in India. By December of 2004, the newly founded Rahab's Rope held its first Christmas celebration in Bangalore, India - 100 women were in attendance. Less than a year after Vicki Moore stumbled upon a seemingly obscure internet article, the ministry of Rahab's Rope was born. 

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What We Do

 - Ultimately, we provide physical and spiritual hope and renewal for victims of Human Trafficking in India. This takes many forms, and we are constantly refining current and adding new ministries. 

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Why We Do What We Do

 - We want to take the love given to us by Christ and turn it into action - loving others and caring for others as we have been loved and cared for.

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